Welcome Bristol Virginia Public School Parents

We offer education and therapeutic support to empower and give you hope as you support your child’s mental health. In this program, you’ll address the simple but often overlooked things crucial to a healthy parent-child relationship.

Welcome Bristol Virginia Public School Parents​

We offer education and therapeutic support to empower and give you hope as you support your child’s mental health. In this program, you’ll address the simple but often overlooked things crucial to a healthy parent-child relationship.

Key topics we'll address


Our basic needs

Learn about your child’s basic needs and why responding to them can shape their future.


Secure Attachments

How to create an environment where our children feel safe.


Attuning to Your Child

How to be aware of your child’s needs and respond to them in a way that helps your child.


Identity Formation

Learn about the key components of identity formation and how to help your child in their discovery

Our parent coaching program is designed for you.

Whether your child is struggling with mental illness, school, or life at home, ParentGuidance is for you. We have resources and support for whatever issue your child is dealing with.

Our combination of empathetic and specialized mental health professionals, monthly assessments, and expert-created content offers you the tools to you need.

A Dedicated Coach

We’ll connect you with a dedicated coach to guide your progress, answer your questions, and cheer you on.

Anytime Messaging

Message your coach and receive responses within 24 hours when you experience difficult moments​.

Weekly Video Calls

You’ll meet weekly with your coach to review assessment and test results and discuss goals.

Self Guided Roadmap

Our Roadmaps allow you to learn more about Parenting with Purpose at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. You’ll explore new concepts and participate in exercises to enhance your learning.

Progress Tracking

Monitor your progress over time and make adjustments for your well-being based on measured data.

Mood Tracking

Use assessments and mood logs to gain a real understanding of your current mental health and see improvement over time.

Weekly Growth Sessions

Take a deep dive into specific topics each week with our Growth Sessions.

Getting Started is Easy.

Enroll in the program

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Connect with your coach and begin Parenting with Purpose

This program changed the way I approached parenting as a newly single parent. I could not have done it without the coaches.

- Client Testimonial

Parent Guidance encourages a healthy parent-child relationship and offers a comprehensive approach to parenting where you will find connection, education, tools and strategies to help you guide your children through life’s challenges and teach them how to successfully navigate their way through difficult times.

- Client Testimonial

I have already recommended Parent Guidance to other parents and will continue to do so. It’s a great resource and should be mandatory for all parents. I can’t think of any other resource that would have a more positive (and immediate) effect on our children and in our society.

- Client Testimonial

Loved by Families
Endorsed by Therapists

I love ParentGuidance for my clients; I recommend it to all of the parents I work with! Parent Guidance provides them with a like-minded community, education, and with resources!

- Therapist Testimonial

ParentGuidance offers accessible, confidential, quality support to parents. I highly recommend it!

- Therapist Testimonial

As a clinician who works with parents, ParentGuidance is my first go to resource.

- Therapist Testimonial

Get started on your path to parenting with purpose


This program is free for any parent or guardian living inside Bristol Virginia Public Schools boundaries. Thanks to the partnership between BVPS and ParentGuidance.org.

Mental health support doesn't have a timeline and neither does our program. While the initial Parenting with Purpose roadmap is expected to take around 4 weeks to complete, we offer ongoing support as long as you need it.

You will meet with your coach every week to discuss what you are learning and set goals.

Calls with your coach will take place virtually through Upheal and follow a customized agenda your coach will set weekly based on previous sessions. You will discuss your goals from the last week, your goals for the upcoming week, and (when applicable) the results of your assessments.

You are able to message your coach at any time. If you have any urgent concerns, your coach will get back to you as soon as they can. If you have questions or comments that may be best addressed in your next weekly session, your coach may save those to address face-to-face.

Explore our free resources

We’ve got the knowledge and we want to share it with you. Our therapist created content let you explore how you’re comfortable.

Free Courses

A collection of therapist created courses to guide you on your specific parenting journey.

Ask A Therapist

Our therapists answer questions asked by parents just like you. Explore responses or submit your own question.